Street Medic Training

Our collective has offered street medic trainings regularly since 2017. All of our trainings are free, although we usually ask for donations for the space and for our collective. We use donations for ongoing community wellness projects and for training expenses such as food and supplies. 

If you’re in the southeast and want to host a street medic training, our trainers can travel! Contact us at atlantaresistancemedics at gmail dot com to schedule a training in your city. 

We offer the following trainings in Atlanta regularly, usually at least once a year: 

Street Medic 20 Hour

For over 50 years, the 20 hour has been the “gold standard” of training for anyone who wants to wear a red cross to mark as a street medic at a protest. This training includes 20 hours of interactive instruction and practice. It covers a variety of first aid skills, including assessment, airway, bleeding, musculoskeletal injuries, and common medical conditions. It also includes street medic philosophy, protest medic infrastructure, and communications. Finally, it covers protest-specific injuries such as tear gas, rubber bullets, and sound weapons. 

Affinity Group Medic

Unlike a general street medic, who provides medic care for an entire protest, an affinity group medic provides first aid support for their own “affinity group” – a small group of activist friends who go together to a protest, often with a specific role in mind. This training covers tactics and communication within an affinity group, street medic philosophy, and first aid for protest-specific injuries. 

Healthcare Provider Bridge

This one-day training is designed for people with prior healthcare experience that includes first responder training for traumatic injuries or common medical conditions. The focus of this training is to provide an understanding of the street medic philosophy and approach to medical care, as well as training on protest-specific injuries such as tear gas and other police weapons. 

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